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A simple summary of the correct way to maintain natural stone

A simple summary of the correct way to maintain natural stone

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A large amount of natural stone is now widely used in hotels, office buildings and other high-end properties.
A large amount of natural stone is now widely used in hotels, office buildings and other high-end properties. However, due to the special nature of stone maintenance, the traditional method is used for maintenance. For a long time (more than half a year), some problems will arise. How to properly maintain these natural stones, avoid and reduce the occurrence of such problems, and make expensive stone investment. Maintaining a new state under our proper maintenance is a problem that our people must face.
1. There are small holes in the surface of the stone, and there is a tendency to gradually become larger;
2. Some parts of the stone are yellow and have rust;
3. Stone joints tend to be obvious, and some stones, such as coffee nets, have orange peel phenomenon;
4. Different stone splicing planes have uneven feeling;
5. The surface of the stone is white, especially the marble cleaning work on the wall of the shower room tends to be difficult. The dirt traces that can be seen from the side can be observed until the front is developed.
6. The stone surface, especially the lobby floor, is not as bright as before;
7. The surface of the marble used for the sink surface is more than one day, and the brightness is greatly reduced.
8. Other phenomena.
Natural marble and granite are produced by long-term mineral deposition. In the long-term deposition process, some metal ions may be contained, and the stone itself has many micropores. The dirt on the front surface may penetrate into the stain, and the water vapor from the bottom may activate the metal ions in the stone to develop into the surface layer to form stains. If we use a similar waxing method to maintain the stone for a long time, a barrier film is formed on the surface of the stone to make it incompressible. The stone with a very clear pattern may gradually become blurred, and the light stone will be smeared and gray. Serious can also cause stone lesions.
At present, the variety of stone care products on the market is very rich, and there are no authoritative standards for such products to be identified. But as long as we use the following principles to choose, we can minimize the above problems.
First, security
The damage to the stone by the cleaning and maintenance products is irreversible, that is, it is irreversible. So we must insist on safety first. However, because the damage to the stone of this kind of product is not observed in a short time, it is recommended to use the field test method to select a small piece of inconspicuous place, and then remove the state product after 5-10 minutes. Observe whether there is any change in the surface of the stone. If there is discoloration and cannot recover naturally, it can be considered that the product is damaged to the stone, and vice versa.
Second, the operability
At present, the latest generation of polished marble crystal flour does not force to match the weighting machine. Cooperating with the weighting machine only improves the work efficiency and speeds up the work schedule, while some crystallized crystal surface agents use the weighting machine as an essential condition, and some need to cooperate with the steel wool pad. Due to the operation of such products, a certain temperature and catalysis of iron ions are required to achieve the crystallization chemical reaction. Due to the permeability of the marble itself, each operation will leave a certain amount of iron ions in the stone htt. Finally, the steel wool pad can not be maintained after use, the loss is large, and the surface of the light colored stone will return yellow. The use of polished crystal flour generally requires only a red pad or a white pad.
Third, applicability
The maintenance of different types of marble is slightly different. For large flower green type, it must be treated in the same way as granite; for sandstone soft stone, it must be treated with PolishRestoringCream semi-solid type product to achieve the desired effect; granite Granite crystal face agent must be used together with the weighting machine to achieve the desired effect.
Fourth, comprehensive
According to the use of the stone, determine the periodic maintenance plan and, if possible, make a preventive protection plan. For marbles used in special occasions, such as bathrooms and semi-outdoor areas, anti-seepage treatment is required. The choice of anti-penetration agent needs to be determined according to the use situation to be waterproof or waterproof and oil-proof full-featured. The cola liquor can be used to check the treatment during construction before deciding whether to process it.
All in all, with the gradual popularization of factory processing methods, we have more correct methods to maintain and maintain natural stone such as marble and granite. Proper cleaning and maintenance of stone helps owners protect the assets of hotels, office buildings and other high-end properties, while also helping consumers to prevent the spread of epidemics and giving guests a feeling of being at home. Yikang also introduced a series of products and maintenance programs from the US headquarters to synchronize the domestic marble maintenance level with the international.