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Comparison of thermal insulation composite board and traditional stone curtain wall

Comparison of thermal insulation composite board and traditional stone curtain wall

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The stone insulation composite board is made of natural stone and composite insulation material with adhesive.
The stone insulation composite board is made of natural stone and composite insulation material with adhesive. The material is generally natural stone.
Let's take a look at the following: Comparison of stone insulation composite panels and traditional stone curtain walls
Insulation method: stone insulation composite board system material selection is natural stone material, natural granite stone itself has good insulation performance, fully meet the energy-saving requirements.
Construction method: factory production, quality is guaranteed, on-site installation is convenient and fast, construction precision is high, and construction period is short.
The system has a long service life, usually 50 years, and a 30-year warranty. The fire performance belongs to Class A; the sound insulation effect is good, the sound insulation capacity is 37db; the seismic performance is above 8th grade.
Safety risk: It will not fall off naturally after hanging on the wall, and there is no problem such as efflorescence or condensation. After being impacted by external force, the crack on the board surface will not fall, and it has the same life as the building.
Comprehensive income: low safety cost, low maintenance cost, good energy saving effect and low cost of use.
The performance of the traditional stone curtain wall system is not insulated; the construction method is on-site installation, mature technology, layered construction, long construction period; the system has no filling and insulation for 30 years, and the fireproof performance after filling is 10-20 years after filling. In case of fire, the temperature is too high and it is easy to collapse; the sound insulation effect is poor; the construction process is numerous and complicated. Moreover, the comprehensive income has high installation cost, high maintenance cost, no energy saving, and high use cost.