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Natural stone decoration culture creative product development direction

Natural stone decoration culture creative product development direction

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Due to its natural texture and beautiful color, natural stone has already become an important creative element of interior designers.
Due to its natural texture and beautiful color, natural stone has already become an important creative element of interior designers. The high-end special varieties in natural stone, colorful and strange, unique, rare, precious and unique. Not only is it popular with interior designers, but it is also closely related to the cultural and creative industries.
Natural Tiancheng's characteristic stone is a well-deserved geological wonder, a masterpiece that does not need to be carved.
The most essential feature of natural stone is natural nature, and this natural characteristic is the selling point of many cultural and creative products. Many products will use the slogan “Whether it is made by people, like a natural world” and so on. It means that “natural” is a very big bright spot. From product design and packaging to brand connotation, we are all on the road to returning to nature and advocating nature. These natural, or artificial, "natural", under the simplicity of the carefully packaged, often have a warm feeling, pointing to the hearts of the people.
The high-end natural stone, which has gone through billions of years, is a geological miracle. It is a masterpiece without carving. At present, in the stone, some of the more forward-looking companies are engaged in the branding operation of high-end specialty stone, such as the creative LOFT brand of Global Stone and the No. 5 warehouse of Yingliang Stone.
The famous designer who once had a place in the global stone creative LOFT exhibition hall is unique in the experience of stone. He uses "listening". He was particularly shocked by several materials (such as the origin of life and tree jade). He said, "I think these stones are spiritual. When you look at their lines, nature must be talking to us, and it must be Very rich language."
Stone decoration culture creative products three way
1, household products Stone as a decorative material, home products is the most important way to take the road of cultural creativity.
One is based on traditional culture, yin and yang coordination, Feng Shui, etc., with stone (jade) as the base material, carved by well-known artists, with its art and collection value, it is more common in stone culture creative products.
It is also common to use stone as the main material and combine it with other materials to create terminal household products. Most of them are related to wood. These two materials have a commonality, that is, natural, strong plasticity, and have a natural connection with cultural creativity. The combination of the two does not require too much explanation, and the cultural charm and artistic accomplishment of the work naturally emerge.
2, jewelry, jewelry road
The jade in the stone is a jewellery material, so the second way of the development of stone culture is this way.
There are pure stone materials as the base material, and all kinds of jewellery, as well as deep processing, combined with other high-end daily necessities.
3. Stone culture brand
Whether it is original, unfinished natural decorative materials, or creative and culturally immersed, imaginative and intelligent products, whether it is home or jewelry, are still making a fuss about the product itself, the cultural connotation of stone The degree is still not deep enough. Stone, especially high-end stone, is an important participant in geological evolution. History itself is culture, which is creativity. Stone is alive, and their formation process itself can be a slow-lived lifestyle and attitude.